We can assist you with any size project

At AllTerra, we work closely with each client to provide tailored quality services. Our skilled and innovative staff work hard to meet challenging deadlines.

Once your building is designed, we work with contractors to properly position the building to ensure your development meets proper zoning requirements. We work closely with architects and contractors throughout the life cycle of the project; working towards your occupancy permit. Knowing how important your timelines are, we work very hard to make sure our crew is there when you need us.

Our staff perform layout or as-constructed surveys of civil works, electrical or gas facilities.

Properties on lakes or rivers can gain land through the process of accretion. In order to have that accreted land added to your title, an application by a BCLS must be made to the surveyor general of BC.

A Canada Lands Surveyor is the only person authorized to complete and file surveys on Indigenous Lands. We have experienced Canada Land Surveyors who can help you achieve your project goals.

Legal Surveys fall under a broad category of plans that are required to be registered at the Land Title Office. A legal survey covers a variety of different needs within a land development project and are typically used for subdivisions, Strata developments, road dedication, right of ways, easements, covenants and commercial lease plans. We have extensive experience with all these types of plans and can help you no matter how big or small your project is.

Property line surveys help homeowners define their property boundaries. Often used for fence construction and landscaping, we ensure that any activity of improvement is taking place on your land and not on your neighbours. If your property corners are missing, a posting plan will be required and only a BC Land Surveyor can replace missing lot corners. A posting plan is a survey that is filed at the BC Land Title Office as a record of the survey and is a plan that is available to the public.

Regulatory services allow us to act as an agent for our clients. This is typically used in the development of subdivisions. As experienced BC Land Surveyors, we take on the responsibility of liaising with regulatory authorities such as the Agricultural Land Commission and Municipal and Provincial Governments so that you don’t have to.

When developing a property that has more than one unit in a building, a survey under BC’s Strata Property Act is required. This would be for a variety residential or commercial projects including the conversion of an existing building into a multi unit strata titled building.

Provides 3D information of a site for design or planning purposes. A topographic site plan might include buildings, access roads, utilities, ground features, natural boundaries, elevations and contours.

Development of a vineyard is a major investment. It is best to get it right the first time. We ensure that your site selection, vineyard orientation and vineyard length are accurate.